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Birchfield Farm

Coconut's lamb

Coconut's lamb


Our lambs are purebred, with both parents having registration from the Finnsheep Bre‚Äčeders Association.  These lambs will be registered and  ownership is easily transferred.   

Coconut's lambs

Elana's lambs

Audrey's lambs


All the lambs for sale have been sold.  

We are keeping two white ewes, Alice and Elaine.  Their fleece is pure white, and is gorgeous lamb fleece!  We obtained a new baby Ram, Dustin, from our breeder at Walking Cloud Farm in Shelburne Falls, Mass. He will be paired with Alice and Elaine, with the 3 being about the same age, with expected lambs in the spring.  

Fred is the ram for Coconut, Elana, and Audrey.

All adults have received their CDT annual vaccination, and have received dewormer this month.  The lambs are vaccinated at 6 weeks for CDT, and again 4 weeks later.